The App for the Not-So-Morning Person

“The early bird gets the worm,” said no one that likes to sleep in, ever. That has been my daily struggle for as long as I can remember. If we are naming a type, I would quickly fall into the night owl category.

Coffee in bed

Some part of me still wanted to be a morning person. I so badly wanted to be that girl that wakes up for a run, comes home to a cup of freshly brewed coffee, shower, and out of the house by 7 AM. Most people around me can attest to the fact that I’m not that girl. Not even close.


Becoming a Morning Person

Can I ever be her? What will it take to change that? I’ve tried setting multiple alarms—on multiple phones—at different intervals of the morning. Nothing has ever seemed to stick. One time I even asked someone to call me to motivate me to get out of bed. Nope. That didn’t work either.

Then a close friend of mine shared an app she had been using for some time. She gushed over how well it had been working for her. No snoozing for two weeks! That sounded like a miracle. And it sounded like the solution to my lifelong situation.

Clock and coffee

Take Back Your Mornings

The Kiwake app, pun intended, promised a no-snooze, full-proof system. It costs $2.99 on iTunes, and though at first that stalled me, it was well worth the investment. The alarm is very simple to set up, and in case you can’t figure it out, the app walks you through the brief process.

In a nutshell, the Kiwake app will coach you into becoming that early bird. And to do that, the app will wake you up in three simple steps.

  1. Wake-up Body! Kiwake asks you to register a picture of an object far from your bed. You will then have to prove to your “coach” that you are up by taking a picture of the same object again.
  2. Wake-up Brain! The next step is to wake up your brain by completing three games successfully. It can be matching tiles to memorizing shapes by color or pattern.
  3. Wake-up Motivation! Here is your chance to write out your goals for the morning, or even week for that matter. The app will ask you to check off each goal.

Catch 22

When all three steps are completed, Kiwake is sure you are up and ready to go. But Kiwake has never met a girl like me. Did you know there are about 37 ways to cheat the app? I found nearly all of them. And, oh boy, did I think I was so smart…

The Joke is on Me

Someone even smarter figured out that someone like me would try to snooze anyway. At first the app lets you try. They’re so kind. And then one day, you innocently attempt to close the app… BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! They thought of that, too!

Photo of object

The app gives you several seconds to get a picture of the object (Step 1), but if you take too long, it will start beeping. Then in Step 3, the app can be set so that you read your goals out loud. Take it from me; Kiwake knows if you’re slurring a few words here and there!


It really does work! In less than 3 minutes, I am fully awake and my brain is ON. The only thing that will have you “snoozing” again is if you go back in bed. But, now that’s on you. Kiwake does its job and coaches you through an efficient morning routine.

Made up bed

This month I joined Kiwake on the #NoSnoozeChallenge. My goal is to wake up for 21 days out of the month without failing the three steps above. Maybe you are that girl or guy that wakes up before the alarm. In case you are not, I highly recommend this app for you!

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