Clear the Clutter: 2021 Edition

The year is 2021. I am living my thirty-third year on this planet. And it is the start of a year following the oh-so-dreadful 2020. Does anything seem different yet? January kicked off my month-long decluttering challenge. After watching the Minimalist documentary on Netflix (not sponsored), I decided I wanted less—not more. Well, more of… Continue reading Clear the Clutter: 2021 Edition


NY: One Bite at a Time

Last year I set a goal to visit more US cities rather than island hopping on a cruise. So I found myself back in New York after 10 years. Like a good planner, I quickly compiled a list of all the places where I wanted to eat, one bite at a time. Sure, there are… Continue reading NY: One Bite at a Time


A Voice Called Doubt

There are few times in my life when I have taken the plunge on big decisions. More often, caution—and resistance to change—take the driver’s seat. Maybe at the root of it all is a little voice called doubt. Sometimes we doubt when life brings us to a fork in the road. Is one choice better… Continue reading A Voice Called Doubt


Run Your (Spiritual) Race

Earlier this year I ran my second marathon. If you are wondering how far that is, just picture yourself taking the scenic route from Coral Gables to Homestead. It is a little over 26 miles. This wonderful adventure I signed up for took place in Walt Disney World, where every mile is promised to be… Continue reading Run Your (Spiritual) Race


Nashville Guide from a Miami Girl

Nashville has become my favorite city away from home. The music, the people, and especially the FOOD all add to the atmosphere. I first found myself in the Music City on a work trip in 2011, and have been fortunate to watch it transform through the seasons ever since. While work hours in Nashville limit… Continue reading Nashville Guide from a Miami Girl


Just the Beginning

How many times have you wrestled with your purpose? Sometimes I wonder if we spend more time questioning our purpose, rather than taking action. Am I alone here? Every now and then I start to doubt where I’m at in life. This year I am turning 30 at the end of December, and boy have… Continue reading Just the Beginning


Top Chill Spots in Miami Design District

When you have lived in Miami long enough, you discover more than beaches and nightclubs. There are chill neighborhoods that make this city great to be part of like the Miami Design District. While I can’t go on a spree at any of the designer shops, I can still enjoy nom-worthy treats around the block.… Continue reading Top Chill Spots in Miami Design District


Sunday at the Drybar

A couple weeks ago I returned to the Drybar at Brickell City Centre for some much needed self-care. After a Sunday of rest, it was like the icing on top. I joined a group of fashion babes in Miami, hosted by Stephanie from Mota Parla. We each grabbed a glass of mimosa and flipped through… Continue reading Sunday at the Drybar


Was it Worth It?

A moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips. We’ve heard the phrase before. Especially when our gym partner slaps a donut from our hand. I’m not here to talk about diets, though. What I am more interested in is if we consider this reality in our daily lives.   The Python Was… Continue reading Was it Worth It?


I Was Hungry, And You Fed Me

Wherever you find yourself reading this—maybe you are holding a hot dog under the fireworks—I wonder if you worry about your next meal. Not just a food picture worthy of the gram… I am asking if you ever wonder what you would do if you had to beg for food? The Encounter This Sunday I… Continue reading I Was Hungry, And You Fed Me