14 Days Off Vital Proteins

It’s not often that you find a product and see results overnight. So I wanted to give Vital Proteins a try for a couple months before I made up my mind about it.

My first time hearing about Vital Proteins was on Instagram through Shut the Kale Up. She shares amazing recipes using real food and promotes a non-toxic lifestyle. I am obsessed with her photos and really believe in the products she shares. However, every body is different so I like to do my own research to figure out if something works for me.


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About Vital Proteins

This brand of collagen is all about whole-food-based nutrition. The products boost collagen production with natural and minimally processed ingredients. Read more about Vital Proteins by clicking here. On their site you will read some of the benefits of collagen, which include glowing skin, joint health, improved digestion, and deeper sleep.


Those are just some of the benefits that most caught my attention. And it has caught the attention of many wellness bloggers all over the Internet (especially on the west coast). In case you are wondering, the Collagen Peptides are their #1 customer favorite. It is flavorless and odorless, mixes easily with liquids, and has 20g of protein for every two scoops.

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Join the Club

My first purchase from Vital Proteins was their 20oz. Collagen Peptides container. I figured this was a great starting point as one of their more basic dietary supplements. When I started taking it in May of this year, I knew I wanted to see one of three things: clearer skin, stronger nails, and less hair loss.


During the first couple weeks I noticed my nails were stronger. Even with a weekly manicure, my nails chipped a lot and always split in half. While taking two scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, my nails were noticeably better. 



Sometime around July, I started to see the difference in my skin. Having been off hormones since April, my skin went through a little rough patch. I wanted to take the more natural approach, and Vital Proteins was doing the trick. The tone and texture of my skin improved so I was wearing much less makeup.




As for my hair, I’ve always had thick hair (and lots of it) so hair loss never concerned me. Until I began this journey I started to pay attention to how much hair I lost when brushing or washing. It was significantly reduced when I started taking the collagen. If you do try the collagen, take a picture of how much hair you lose after a single wash and compare it to a later time.

Messy hair

An Experiment in Reverse

Then I tried a little experiment in reverse. I asked myself if I would see a difference without the collagen. Is it worth the investment? So I spent two weeks without it. The first thing I noticed was that I was losing a ton of hair. It was insane and I couldn’t believe it.


After the first week, the cystic acne came back around my chin area (not even during my days, you know). It was still minimal compared to earlier this year—prior to ever taking collagen—but it was there and I didn’t like it. My energy was also down where I spent days without wanting to start a single workout.


When the 14 days were up, I couldn’t wait to start taking my morning latte with Vital Proteins. It is so essential to my daily routine that I just don’t feel the same without it. Seeing the benefits from taking a daily serving of collagen has completely transformed how I think about health.

Can I survive without it? Yes. Do I want to? NO!

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If you have tried Vital Proteins before—and LOVE it—leave a comment below and tell me which product(s) you are using! Or share any experience you have had with any collagen brand that you have tried.

9 thoughts on “14 Days Off Vital Proteins”

  1. I do like this product, I came across it during one of your Soulcycle events and I won that giveaway. I am very happy with how my hair started to look because I am growing it to later donate it to Locks of Love. I never have long hair, but I really liked this product.

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  2. I love vital proteins, and I really think collagen does have such a positive impact! I often use vital proteins, or further foods collagen protein powder and both have such amazing effects! This was a great and informative read!! Love it.
    -Thishealthycutie 😉

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