Just the Beginning

How many times have you wrestled with your purpose? Sometimes I wonder if we spend more time questioning our purpose, rather than taking action. Am I alone here?

Every now and then I start to doubt where I’m at in life. This year I am turning 30 at the end of December, and boy have the doubts crept in. The last time it hit me so hard was around the time I graduated college. It’s like with every change of season, or new time in my life, I ask myself if I am getting it right. Am I even headed in the right direction?


The Answer Is Yes

When I question where my life is headed, and when I compare my path to others, it is a sign that I doubt God. I doubt that he is actually in control of my future. And so I need to be reminded because the answer is yes. God is in control and I am headed in the right direction. He is mindful of every detail of my life. The job I hold does not define my purpose, but God is surely molding me and preparing me for the next step through the experiences I live today.

From the difficult coworker that teaches you the painful lessons of patience to the kind cubicle neighbor that encourages you every morning. Wherever you are today, God is watching and He is moving. In case you also need the reminder, read Romans 8:28 where there is promise that all things work together for the good of those who love Him.


Maybe She’s Born With It?

One of the biggest things that can stir up doubt in my heart is when I start the comparing game. No one wins this game! Just don’t play. There is no greater detractor than when we look to our left or to our right. Maybe she is born with it! But your walk is going to look different.

On Saturday night I rolled the dice on the comparing game. It was ugly. I almost lost, but I went to bed reading Proverbs chapter 4. A few verses in and I was consoled by the promises to those who ask for wisdom. So instead of comparing, I prayed and asked God for wisdom. And He will overfill our cup with wisdom if we simply ask.

Plants growing

Then Sunday Came

The message shared at Calvary church this weekend came at such a good time for me. After a not-so-pretty night, I heard a message titled Not the End based on Psalm chapter 13. I read the bible verses that morning and could almost hear my own voice the night before, asking “How long, God?” Are you ignoring me? My life doesn’t look the way I pictured it at (almost) 30! How long!??

Tall grass

That morning’s message turned the light on again. God is working and He has not forgotten about me. And just like that—similar to the way Solomon ends chapter 4 in the book of Proverbs—my doubt turned to trust and I felt joy. He has been good to me, and He will continue to be good. Because it is not the end… it is just the beginning.

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