NY: One Bite at a Time

Last year I set a goal to visit more US cities rather than island hopping on a cruise. So I found myself back in New York after 10 years. Like a good planner, I quickly compiled a list of all the places where I wanted to eat, one bite at a time. Sure, there are… Continue reading NY: One Bite at a Time


Run Your (Spiritual) Race

Earlier this year I ran my second marathon. If you are wondering how far that is, just picture yourself taking the scenic route from Coral Gables to Homestead. It is a little over 26 miles. This wonderful adventure I signed up for took place in Walt Disney World, where every mile is promised to be… Continue reading Run Your (Spiritual) Race


Nashville Guide from a Miami Girl

Nashville has become my favorite city away from home. The music, the people, and especially the FOOD all add to the atmosphere. I first found myself in the Music City on a work trip in 2011, and have been fortunate to watch it transform through the seasons ever since. While work hours in Nashville limit… Continue reading Nashville Guide from a Miami Girl