Take the Wheel and Drive

There was something different about my car when the valet brought it up to me this past Sunday. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something was off. I began adjusting the seat, the rear-view mirror, and pressing buttons until I could figure it out. Was something missing? In that time I began noticing… Continue reading Take the Wheel and Drive

Faith, Relationships

This Seat is Not Taken

  The Struggle is Real… and I don’t mean #gains after being faced with a stack of pancakes during Sunday brunch. We all know finding the right balance between the foodie life and a Miami fit body is a challenge. But the struggle I’m talking about is finding true and lasting relationships. Whether you’re looking… Continue reading This Seat is Not Taken


When We Believe the Lies

  I bet you know yourself pretty well. However long you've lived with, well... you, there's things you believe about the person you are that define your life. Sometimes they hold you back from certain things (and depending on what it is, that can be a good thing), but other times those ideas are delaying… Continue reading When We Believe the Lies