Clear the Clutter: 2021 Edition

The year is 2021. I am living my thirty-third year on this planet. And it is the start of a year following the oh-so-dreadful 2020. Does anything seem different yet?

January kicked off my month-long decluttering challenge. After watching the Minimalist documentary on Netflix (not sponsored), I decided I wanted less—not more. Well, more of the good things, and less of the “I’m holding on to this for sentimental value” things.

So for 30 days I will remove/recycle/toss one item more than the prior day. On day one, I remove one item; on day two, I remove two items; on day three, I remove three items; and so on, and so on. But once you get started, it gets easier to surpass that goal.

This post is going up on day 11 meaning, I am supposed to eliminate 11 items today. And if you are good at math, I should be down 66 items by the end of the day. Just so you know, starting out is pretty easy because you start with things you’re okay letting go of. Here is where it started: coffee mugs, old DVDs, unused baking kits, desk drawers, frames and small vases, unworn belts, excess markers, pens and crayons, running t-shirts, and expired makeup.

Guess what? I’ve already cleared over 100 items from my space. And now the real challenge begins. Check in with you next week!

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