NY: One Bite at a Time

Last year I set a goal to visit more US cities rather than island hopping on a cruise. So I found myself back in New York after 10 years. Like a good planner, I quickly compiled a list of all the places where I wanted to eat, one bite at a time.

Sure, there are stats that say you can dine at a new place in NY for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the rest of your life and never repeat a single one. I’m not that committed, however these spots are definitely worth a second trip on my list.

dessert spot

Dessert First, Please

Whether you wait in line for the goods, or call ahead with your order, these sweet shops cannot be missed on any New York trip. And some desserts sure hit the Spot–pun intended.

At Spot Dessert Bar, you need to order the Golden Toast. It is a crispy honey-buttered toast served with condensed milk ice cream, cookie crumbs and fresh strawberries. There are pictures of their desserts above the bar so you will know exactly what to expect.


One famous location that is a MUST is Dominique Ansel Bakery. There will likely be a line down the block, but don’t fret, those are the people waiting to order the cronuts. Just keep walking and make the shorter line inside, then you can order anything else from their amazing selection (except the cronut).


We were obsessed with the Frozen Smores. The honey marshmallow is wrapped around a Tahitian vanilla ice cream with chocolate wafer crisps. This bad boy is torched to order and is mightily sweet.

Millennials After All

There is no denying it. We are the generation of avocado toast and latte art. That is why one of the first places I hit up was The End in Brooklyn. Flip through their Instagram and you will find countless pics of their Unicorn Latte. I know you are jealous. And it was just as magical as the photos. Biggest surprise tho–the tangy flavor.

Avo toas

A ten minute walk will bring you to our next stop: Sweatshop. This was not planned, but to our surprise, the first thing on their food menu was the Avo Smash. So, we had to have it. The thick-cut sourdough toast was topped with chunks of avocado, feta, mint, and some chili & sea salt flakes on the side to be used as toppings. One of the best I’ve ever had.


I’m 60% Coffee, Not Water

Drinking coffee is more of a ritual for me than it is necessity. Also, discovering unique coffee shops while I travel is way more enjoyable than sightseeing. And so, we arrive at Coffee Project. It is so small that you might miss it. But once inside, your levels of cool go up by at least 20%. The Nitro Coffee is an essential and so pretty to look at in the tall glass. Another favorite was the Affogato (vanilla ice cream with espresso).



While we hit up La Colombe and Blue Bottle, a family-run coffee shop stole our heart. Abraço, pronounced Abrazo, poured up the best Cortadito with heart shapes and all. Locals come in and order their regular while we sit back and watch from the high tables across the wooden bar.

Weekends are for Cheat Meals

Tacos in Chelsea

Tacos over

Our cheat meal started on Friday with Chelsea Market. Expect to find everything from meat & seafood, baked goods, coffees & teas, wines, oils, and spices. We had our eyes set on Los Tacos. The Carne Asada (grilled steak) and Adobada (marinated pork) are a sure bet. Wait for your tacos as you watch them load them up behind the counter.


ramen burgerpineapple drinkdoughnut

Saturdays can mean one thing: Smorgasburg. So many choices, so little time. We did however make time for the Ramen Burger. The thick piece of beef patty is surrounded by a crispy ramen noodle “bun”. It is so juicy and savory that it is best paired with a refreshing pineapple juice (served inside a carved out pineapple). Don’t stop now. For dessert, you must stop by Dough and try the Hibiscus glazed donut made with dried Mexican hibiscus.

Diet Starts on Monday

There is so much to taste in New York that you can only take it one bite at a time. I am counting down the days till I return to NY for another foodie adventure.

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