Sunday at the Drybar

A couple weeks ago I returned to the Drybar at Brickell City Centre for some much needed self-care. After a Sunday of rest, it was like the icing on top. I joined a group of fashion babes in Miami, hosted by Stephanie from Mota Parla. We each grabbed a glass of mimosa and flipped through the Drybar look book.

Drybar - inside

Drybar - dryers

On my prior visit, I learned a bit more about the Drybar experience. They offer blowouts for $45 and deliver with excellent customer service. Since I recently chopped a lot of my hair, this time around I wanted a look that would show off the short locks with some effortless waves. I chose the Cosmo-Tai for just that.

Drybar - sink

Getting Started

First we were taken to the washroom in the back to prep our tresses. The wash feels like a scalp massage and is very relaxing. Best of all, they are careful to rinse your hair without splashing water on your face. That’s always appreciated!

Drybar - washing

Drybar - bathoom

Next you are taken to a styling chair where things start taking shape. The look I selected had more of a curl, but before bringing out the tools, the stylist applies treatment oil for heat protection. I relaxed in my chair as some of the other girls walked around snapping some photos for the gram.

No Peeking

I tried not to peek, but once it was time, I swiveled in my chair to admire the finished look. It felt so refreshing to see my new look. With everything we do in the week, it is so great to take some time to pamper yourself.


Drybar - products

Drybar Products

There were a few products that the stylist used on me that day that I absolutely had to take home with me, one being the Drybar Detox. It is a dry shampoo that smells incredible and works like a molding spray. I use it today after I blow-dry my hair at home just to add some texture.

The second product that I took home is the Drybar Detox Whipped. It can go on before you dry your hair. This ultra-light foam absorbs oil and leaves your hair feeling bouncy after styling. After two visits to the Drybar at BCC I feel totally confident in recommending their services. The best part is that I was still rocking my waves a couple days later.

Drybar - waiting

Visit Drybar today at Brickell City Centre on 701 South Miami Avenue, Suite 320A or book an appointment online at, through the Drybar iPhone app, or by calling 877-379-2279.

Girls at Drybar

Head-shot and group photo was taken by Valeria Vargascaro.

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